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Data Storage


Next generation Data/Cloud Storage services and software capable of performing data analysis speeding up Cloud migration and backup times

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The value of data.

Discover the wide range of next-generation Cloud Storage technologies, services and solutions designed from the ground up for the age of Big Data and Digitization

Alosys is the ideal partner for data storage solutions, offering advanced cloud storage, data migration, data backup solutions and data security services. Thanks to the partnership with Alosys, companies can manage their data in a reliable and secure way, making use of advanced technologies for data management and archiving. With Alosys, companies can be assured of efficient and effective data management, which ensures the safety and security of their critical data.



We help create a multi-cloud strategy just a click away, easy to implement and manage.

Next-generation Cloud Storage that integrates quickly without making changes to existing infrastructures, applications and the way users operate.

We propose a Cloud infrastructure to be used as an entry point for the native integration of storage services offered by: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM CLOUD

Discover the offer  Multi-Cloud Alosys addressed to all those companies that wish to integrate data archiving and backup services offered by Public Clouds.


We help you reduce the time to migrate your data to the cloud.

We help you overcome connection speed limitations when migrating your data to the Cloud.

we offer the Massive Data Migration service, an exclusive software technology capable of transferring unlimited quantities of data within the Cloud in a simple, fast and secure way, physically transferring the data within the Cloud and aligning them with your on-premise infrastructures .

During the migration phase, we offer the possibility of applying encryption for all data that will be physically migrated within the Cloud during transport.

The unencrypted information can only be viewed by authorized users in possession of the access key.

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Data Migration
Data Backup solution

Backup Optimization

We offer backup-optimized Cloud services capable of classifying, archiving and saving data based on their real value for business organizations

We drastically reduce  the time window for backup and restore operations by dividing the data by class; archiving all those files that have not been accessed over time;  and backing up the data for recent, accessed and really useful information for the company.

This method allows to drastically reduce:

The backup windows:

  • The time required for data recovery,

  • The cost of the software licenses to be used.

  • The storage needs to save the backup data

  • The activities related to the technical staff for data backup and restore management

Data Backup

A high-performance platform for data backup

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

The service offered allows you to back up servers, applications and virtual machines within a Scale-Out Storage platform developed ad hoc for this service

The data backup service rests on a highly scalable and resilient storage platform, developed specifically for the Cloud and for the most stringent needs related to enterprise-class data protection. An innovative technology capable of ensuring significantly higher performance than ordinary and dated tenfold data storage systems designed for legacy environments.

Data Security


A service for data storage and protection in line with the GDPR

Data protection is our corporate mission

Advanced solutions for data security, ensuring data archiving and protection in line with the GDPR.

We offer highly secure services, technologies and solutions with reliable storage resistant to cyber attacks to which we add  strong authentication and encryption systems, constantly guaranteeing the physical and logical integrity of the data.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies and advanced security protocols, Alosys is able to protect company data from unauthorized access and fraud. We guarantee maximum protection of sensitive company data.

With Alosys, companies can manage their data securely and effectively, with the assurance of reliable, high-quality data protection.

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Discover the offer

Analyze data within your existing storage infrastructure in a very short time.

Long-term archiving for large data

Advanced data backup and recovery solutions.

Data migration services, which allow you to efficiently and securely transfer data from one system to another, without disruption to operations.

Hybrid cloud storage solutions, which allow you to archive data in a secure and scalable way, without the need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure.

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