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Contact Center solutions
for Customer Experience

Integration with CRM/DMS to provide customers and organisations with the best customer experience, more efficient immediate and decisive interactions.



The Contact Centre and Unify Communication platforms offer customised solutions for each market, guaranteeing efficient and high-quality service to improve customer satisfaction.

Thanks to its consolidated experience in the sector, Alosys is able to meet specific customer needs, offering advanced and integrated solutions for an optimal user experience.



  • all interactions are historicised and integrated with your systems and processes to ensure appropriate response, direct contact and optimisation of your workforce at all times.

Satisfaction Monitoring

  • Allows the monitoring of customer satisfaction trends based on the results of multi-channel survey campaigns

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Company's needs.

  • Integration with DMS/CRM

  • Interaction monitoring

  • Simplify and optimise performance

Customer's needs.

  • Quick answers 

  • Multiple communication channels

  • Solving Interactions


Automotive Market.

Our product offers every dealership the possibility of a tailor-made service.

DMS/CRM integration.

Integrate customer relationship services with the company CRM and DMS to have complete control and management of customer information with the possibility to update them in real time

Omnichannel contact center.

  • Advanced customer interaction and relationship management. Voice, email, chat, sms, video, social, iot. 

  • A single communication flow for all requests from the various channels

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