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IT & Customer Service.

The Freshworks experience as an MSP allows us to create  proactive and customized solutions for customers who  want to focus on their core business while guaranteeing a rapid time-to-market.



Scale support experiences without scaling costs.

Exceed your customers' expectations with a tool tailored to their needs

Maximize your team's productivity with an omnichannel, highly integrated platform supported by artificial intelligence. Resolve your customer queries faster and provide a personalized support experience.



For a modern IT Service Desk, easy to implement and highly scalable.

The right sizing in IT service management

Discover, optimize and manage all your IT resources, minimize downtime and maximize service availability. Streamline processes between your business teams and plan your projects with the support of our artificial intelligence

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Wherever they want. Whenever they want. Effortlessly.

Engage your customers with smarter conversations

Make it easier for customer care, marketing, sales and even bots to converse more efficiently with your customers. Give your team a unified work environment, where they can view the entire customer journey to deliver highly personalized support.

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A powerful sales CRM that helps you sell smarter and close deals faster.

Build a high-performing sales team to increase your revenue

Get intelligent recommendations and predictions with FreddyAI to optimize your sales strategy. Assign leads, send emails, add tasks and more, automatically. With behavior-based sales sequences, you can scale your outreach activities more quickly and efficiently.



Attract, engage and retain your customers faster with a smart marketing tool.

The all-in-one solution for your e-commerce activities

Reach your leads anywhere, using email, WhatsApp, SMS, live chat, social media and more. Segment your customers effectively and automate processes with unified pipeline analysis and forecasts for better lead conversion.



A modern telephone system for managing telephone calls and telemarketing

Improve care with quick, easy conversations

Intuitive, all-in-one contact center solution. No missed calls, reduced waiting times, assistance always available. Simple setup and operations. Quick responses with voice artificial intelligence. Complete view of performance and optimization of operations. Secure, high-quality calls.

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